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Laura-Leigh Smith

Producer / Singer

When I’m not listening to MJ, Daft Punk, Snakehips, Disclosure, or even a bit of Steely Dan, Genesis, Beach Boys, Elton John.. you admittedly may catch me quoting Friends or Disney 🙃 or unintentionally embarrassing friends by breaking into improvised musical song in public (e.g. Phoebe Buffay’s “when the sun comes up bright and beaming”… Friends again? Eeek).  I’ve been lucky enough to study performance & songwriting at the University of Sydney & Frost School of Music/University of Miami in Florida.  Singing is intrinsically part of my identity and I have loved performing my whole life.  Growing up with a family of musicians, the smith crisps often whip out the von-Trapp style “Happy Birthday” at family events which is always hilarious!